Norman Franklin, 89, and three of his sons (Andrew, 60; Tom 58 and Sam 54) and two of their partners Caroline Elton and Anne Bulmer are cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats over three weeks.

We are raising money for the following for charities, and aim to raise £100,000

The charities are:

  • MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) – a Malta-based registered foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life to refugees and migrants in distress at sea.
  • A Way Out – support women who are involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in prostitution.
  • Justice First – work with failed asylum seekers who have been placed in Stockton and Teesside by government agencies.
  • Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) – works across England and Wales to support people in prison to study distance learning courses.
  • Beanstalk – organises volunteers to go into schools twice a week to help slow- or non-readers one to one.

Full details on the Charity page.