I have just had an inspiring meeting with two of the senior management team who run Beanstalk from very modest offices near Profile.  They are an incredibly impressive lot.  Former teachers abound, but they are impassioned about what they do and run the charity very effectively on a shoestring.  They spread their work far and wide over England, and fortunately are spreading into Wales soon.  There is immense deprivation there so a huge amount to be done.  (I guess it is no surprise but the problems are greatest in the most Brexity parts of the country).  But of course – and I hadn’t thought of this – there is a great logistical challenge in matching schools that want volunteer reading helpers with where volunteers are able or willing to go.  Lots of companies encourage volunteers but that tends to be in the centre of big towns.  That is a particular problem in London.

Here are two pictures at work.  One of them could be me at some point in the future.  I hope it will be.  Beanstalk are doing amazing work.

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