Day 3 – Launceston to Tiverton

A most beautiful ride today with fantastic weather.  Tom started the day with a snake bite (a double puncture caused by going over a kerb), but that was fixed before we set off.  So, we started off by dropping down into Launceston with a beautiful castle

and town gateway

Then over the Tamar and into Devon.  We really knew we were in Devon when we stopped for our tea break and were given these:

All still happy at lunchtime

and here we are cycling in the afternoon

We are now in Tiverton and going out for dinner with our cousin Susie.

53 miles covered, and another kilometre climbed

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Launceston to Tiverton

  1. Jane Cox says:

    Lovely pics and I notice the weather seems to be on your side.
    Keep up the good work…I’m so impressed with all of you….

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