Day 3 – Norman

Today we started from Launceston to go to Tiverton.

The weather had cleared up and it was a mixture of cloud shade and sunshine.  Balmily hot in the sun, but quite chilly in the shade.

We started by going through the middle of Launceston, and then up a long quite steep hill, which my bike took me up ok.  I think I have sussed the relationship between gear, electric power, speed and the slope, and would like to delete my yesterday’s whinges.

It was a pleasant ride into and through Devon, with some very long descents in one of which I found myself going 37 mph! I  find that I have a tremendous advantage over everyone else, although my electric motor cuts out if I go faster than 15 mph.  I can go up hill at a higher speed than ordinary cyclist can, although they beat me on the flat, and the net effect is that I seem to catch up with, and overtake everybody.