Day 7 – Norman

We set off through the boring suburbs of Worcester and missed out turning off the main road, but we were quickly corrected by others. We crossed the Severn to ride to Bewdley for our mid morning snack.  The road was very rolling; up a short sharpish hill and then straight down the other side.  This kept on through a string of villages with good views of the the Malvern Hills and the Severn valley through gaps in the hedges until we reached Bewdley,  an attractive small town on the left bank of the Severn.  It suffers from bad traffic queueing to cross the river.  I had to do some shopping so I went ahead and bought what I needed and found the only loo was in the museum, 1900 yards from our car park through a well tended garden, but with a locked gate so I had to go back the long way.

On to Much Wenlock again very up and down.  I could find no one there and evidently I had pushed ahead, although I was riding slowly.  Tom and I visited Much Wenlock Priory, a magnificent ruin of an old abbey, with not much standing except for the walls of the Chapter House and the transept.  The Chapter House was decorated by four layers of blind intersecting arched arcading, with some decoration.

On 10 miles, up a long fairly gentle hill and down to Ironbridge, where we crossed Abraham Darby’s first iron bridge,

and then on to our hotel.  This was previously the home of Maw, a tilemaker, and is decorated with magnificent tiles in the public passages and staircase.