Day 8 – Norman

We set off from Ironbridge to climb a steep hill and turn left a little way up it.  I missed the turning and went on to the main Telford-Much Wenlock main road up a long steep hill.  At the roundabout I paused to see if I could spot the road I should have been on.  It was visible, half a mile away crossing the main road, so I set off down hill to the crossing, only to find that the crossing was a flyover.  I turned back, up the hill and then down to the turning I should have taken.  This road quickly became extremely steep, and I could not propel my bike by the pedals.  I dismounted, and found myself seriously out of breath and felt unable to push the bike up the hill.  So I texted Tom to explain where I was and that I was stuck.  My texting abilities are poor and by the time I had sent the message I had recovered, and managed to cycle slowly up the hill, and flew over the main road and up and over the Wrekin  (not to the top but to a pass).  An hour and a half later, Tom picked up my text and phoned me.  I was half an hour from the tea break, and by the time I got there everyone else except our guides, the van and Tom had gone on.  Tom and I then cycled across the North Shropshire plain to Audlem, where we met the others having lunch.  We looked at Audlem Church, the on to Nantwich, where we had more lunch and conversation.  On to Hartford, where we spend the night.