Day 11 – Kirby Lonsdale to Talkin or HallBankgate

Last night we stayed in the Pheasant Inn, Casterton just north of Kirby Lonsdale and the food was superb.

Today was a fantastic day, or as Andrew put it “A perfect day’s cycling. Perhaps the most beautiful of my life.”

We were threatened with rain for the first two hours, but it stopped before we even set off with low dramatic clouds that have been getting higher and higher throughout the day until very little cloud in the evening.

From Kirby Lonsdale we went up the Lune for a while before crossing over it and having our first, of many, climbs of the day.

Then crossed under the M6 and a massive climb round the back of the hills, but the sound of the M6 pursued us a long way, drop down, climb up and down again and again until back over the motorway

to our morning break at 20 miles in Orton in a bus shelter.  From there the sky lightened

From there to Long Meg

and on and on and on

Andrew stopped short this evening to stay at Talkin, while the rest of our group continued on to Hallbankgate to stay in Belted in, and so got our first views of Scotland across the Solway Firth

Once again a huge thank you to Pete and Ron and Saddle Skedaddle for the wonderful planning and support.  They truly make the trip more than just manageable to be very enjoyable.