Day 19 – Bettyhill to John O’Groats

We all made it!

Another beautiful day of cycling.  Today was along the coast as we cycled half the width of Scotland from Bettyhill to John O’Groats. The first part of the journey was hilly, constantly up and down over a drunken rolling coast with amazing views of mountains, moorland, cliffs and sea.


and in case there was any doubt about where we were, here are some highland cattle to prove it

from there we dropped down to Reay for radioactive elevenses.  Reay being best known for the Doun.

From there Sam and I sped across the next bit which has fences made of stone, but not as normally bits of stone but single slabs, like paving stones, on their ends to Thurso for  quick lunch so that we could add a diversion of seven miles to Dunnet Head. More gentle rolling countryside more reminiscent of Devon or Dorset (complete with montbretia) than the Highlands to the turn off in Dunnet where we found ourselves cycling up hill and into the wind.

Dunnet Head (the most northerly point on the mainland) is very beautiful with 360 views including the Orkneys, so here are a few of them, including our first views of John O’Groats

and from there the final few miles to the straggling village that calls itself John O’Groats, with a stop for Schnapps just before we got there and cava and whisky at the end.

So here we all are

Peter the Guide, Julia, Pete and Karin, Tom, Norman, Jamie and Lucy, Anne and Sam, Mark and Julia and Andy (plus Rob the other guide who took the photo).

All I will say now is that we had a fantastic time, but over the weekend each of Franklin group will post a reflective piece so do hang on in and read some more.