Final thoughts – Sam

I am so pleased that all of us managed to complete the ride of more than 1000 miles from Land’s End from John O’Groats. Before we set off, I was worried about how Norman would cope and if he would do himself damage by trying too hard. Actually, he was amazing, being first up many of the hills. The support of Skedaddle made it easier or simply possible for all of us to complete the ride in good humour.

The support offered so many advantages, not least of which was freedom from worry, all the logistics, navigation, finding the best routes and cafes was done for us. All we had to do was turn the pedals. Additionally, the leader, Pete broke each days ride into bite size chunks that were not scary, so that even a long day of the UKs two highest road passes seemed manageable. It really helped with the mental parts of the challenge.

Another huge mental lift was the sponsor money that poured in, each time we heard a friend or relative had given us money, we had a little encouragement to push on. Thank you all so much. It really did make the ride seem easier. I am very proud to be associated with the wonderful charities that do such great things.

I had thought that I had done a lot of cycling in this country but of 1060 miles or so I had only done about 50 of them before! I really enjoyed finding about parts of the country I did not know before.

We were incredibly lucky to have mostly dry weather and tailwinds, this made the cycling a joy and not a chore. I am not sure we would have succeeded with wet headwinds day after day.

There were so many highlights it is impossible to pick one or even a top ten this close to the finish. It was truly inspiring to get to the top of a hill or around a shoulder of land and get a new view with different character as we travelled through the different regions of the country. I loved seeing the wild flowers changing as we travelled across different geology. We cycled over many iconic bridges, old and new, with great views as we did so, its not only the tops of hills that give views but we did learn that a downhill to a bridge means only one thing – an uphill after.

Sadly the worst bits were all related to cars – overtaking on hills approaching a bend. So many ‘lucky’ moments that were avoidable. The next worst bit was the midges but we only had one bad day.

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday and I feel fitter and mentally relaxed, proud of our achievement and wanting to do another long cycle tour but I have no desire to repeat LEJOG, it could only be an anti-climax if the weather were worse and the views were obscured.

Thank you for your interest and your sponsorship.

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  1. Barbara Hungin says:

    What an amazing achievement. For those of us who unfortunately don’t take to a bike this was awesome and fun to follow your blogs.
    At Justice First we are ‘beyond grateful’

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