The Charities we are fund raising for

 MOAS – The Mobile Offshore Aid Station has been saving lives of migrants in the Mediterranean since October 2013.  Because of the actions of our government, and other EU governments refugees cannot come safely to Europe.  The result is that many thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.  MOAS has saved over 30,000 people from drowning in the sea while trying to reach safety.



a way out

justice first

We are raising funds for two charities in Stockton on Tees who work with groups of people with a range of needs who have difficulties accessing services.A Way Out’ work to support women who are involved in prostitution or at risk of becoming involved, providing support in several ways which recognise the issues they face to engage  with society. They work in some of the most deprived areas of Stockton, with women and families with complex issues which often involve addiction and a history of abuse to enable women to turn their lives around. Justice First work with failed asylum seekers who have been placed in Stockton and Teesside by government agencies. They assist people in accessing the appeals system and other services and provide practical and emotional support to individuals and families who have often suffered terribly before arriving in the UK. We have met staff and volunteers from both charities on many occasions over a long time and are inspired by their dedication, we know that they provide a valuable service which is not available to elsewhere.


Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET)  works across England and Wales to support people in prison to study distance learning courses.

PET provides distance learning courses, both vocational and non-vocational, arts and hobby materials, advice and support in subjects and at levels not available in prison.

We are raising money so that PET can provide courses for prisoners to enable them to work at their chosen career when released. PET will also provide support and advice regarding further training after the prisoner’s release as part of PET’s alumni programme.


Beanstalk: 60,000 people a year leave school in the UK functionally illiterate.  This dooms them to shrunken lives.  Beanstalk is a small (£3M turnover) very well-run charity that tackles the problem by organising volunteers to go into schools twice a week to help slow- or non-readers one to one.  Research consistently shows that this is the best way of helping children to learn who do not get support at home.  Last year Benstalk helped 11,000 children.  Their target is 30,000.