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Final thoughts – Anne

I have little to add to what has already been so eloquently said. My main thought is that I actually blooming well did it despite my worst fears. When I first heard of the possibility of  LEJOG  I thought I would not be fit enough to undertake such a challenge. Then I heard there was a support vehicle that would pick tired cyclists up if they got exhausted. I fully expected I might need to use it. I had never cycled so far, for so many days.

What made it possible was doing it in a group with excellent support. Each day was broken into sections, so I aimed to take it steady and just get to the next tea stop or lunch break. The leader Pete always believed we could do it. We always regrouped at breaks and gave each other support. If anyone’s bike broke down or they felt ill someone would stop and offer support or encouragement.

We were also very lucky with the weather. We only got wet a couple of times and most days had sun and tail winds.

The sponsorship and well wishes also helped. Friends and family joined us along the way, on evenings or even cycling along. One brought  bath salts and high energy snacks. She also arranged us all a sports massage on our rest day.

Another fear was navigating and using a Garmin. This proved very easy as all I had to do was follow the purple line and luckily this never went wrong.

My final demon to overcome was steep downhills. After a skiing accident 7 years ago which left me with a serious spiral fracture in my left leg I have become afraid of long steep descents in mountainous regions. I was very fearful of the Cairngorms. Luck was on myside again. The weather was clear and the headwinds actually slowed down my descents so that I felt in control.

A few myths were also bust. Scottish food can be excellent. We had some tasty beautifully presented meals often served in dining rooms with spectacular views and by owners of  B&Bs who took great pleasure in making their guest comfortable.

At the end of the ride a number of us decided that we would like to do the ride again and vowed to meet when we were in our 80’s (Like Norman) and complete the ride on our ‘E’ bikes. Our bodies might age but hopefully our spirit for adventure will not.

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Bike fit

‘Needing all the help I can get I decided to go and have a ‘Bike Fit’ at a little company in Richmond called Tri-ology, that assesses your position on the bike using sensors and a computer. I had picked up a voucher for this experience a year ago and finally booked myself in. I spent aninteresting two hours with Andy having my cycling analysed. My seat was raised and moved forwards, my handle bar changed and raised and cleats were adjusted. I was also given tips on how to use my core muscles and not put undue pressure on my arms and shoulders. I hope these adjustments help with some of the physical symptoms hours and hours on a bike, 1000 miles and two times up Everest, will cause.’

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